Eat Meat

Eat Meat

[Invited] We had the pleasure of visiting Eat Meat in Manchester to try some of their food. Eat Meat is a specialist Halal Steakhouse in South Manchester, where they pride themselves on delivering aged quality meat.

Having stalked them on Instagram for a few months, it was great to visit finally. A counter display of their meat greeted us, as we entered this quaint 36 cover restaurant that is on the smaller side compared to a lot of other eateries we have visited.

Our host was fantastic and talked us through the mouthwatering menu to help us decide on what we wanted to try.


Lamb Ribs (Not on the menu) marinated in their secret sauce and steam grilled. / £5.99

Having spoken to our server for a good few minutes and looking to try their lamb, he suggested the above. The lamb ribs were off the menu but happened to be in stock when we visited, having never had them before I was overwhelmed by the tenderness and flavour that greeted me. The meat fell off the bone and was glazed in this delicious sweet and spicy sauce.

Grilled Lamb Chops – specially marinated in their secret recipe, chargrilled to soft, juicy finish / £6.49

The Lamb chops were cooked well and spiced perfectly, the flavour was exceptional and has to be up there as some of the best chops I have ever had.


12oz Rib Eye / £17.99

My friend went for the Rib Eye steak as I don’t eat beef, I wasn’t able to try it; however, I made sure to get his thoughts. It was brought to the table medium rare and then continued to cook on a hot stone to you however you desired. The meat was tender, moist and packed full of flavour. It was up there with one of the best steaks that he has had which is to be expected of place called Eat Meat.

Chicken Steak / £10.99

Having deliberated for a while and not being able to go for the Lamb Shank, our server told me not to worry and recommended I try their chicken steak. This was another off-menu item which is great as they can accommodate for the fussiest of eaters, even me! I was pleasantly surprised when my dish was brought out. Chicken breast, marinated with an array of spices and herbs and then grilled, sat a bed of mash potato with peppercorn sauce to accompany. I enjoyed the dish, but it didn’t really blow me away. The seasoning was a little mild for my liking; it left me disappointed after comparing it to the fat juicy steak that was sitting across the table from me.


Sticky Toffee Pudding / £4.99

Being a meat restaurant, I wasn’t expecting too much in the way of desserts. Sticky toffee pudding was okay and as expected. The pudding was good, and the ice cream complimented it nicely. It just didn’t really hit the spot for me personally.

Chocolate Cake / £4.99

It’s is pretty hard to go wrong with Chocolate cake, so that’s what we opted for. We were greeted with a large wedge of cake; thankfully it was served with a small jug of double cream. I wouldn’t recommend attempting this on your own as it was extremely rich and filling.

Overall the desserts were a bit of a let down compared to the rest of the food; it almost feels like it was an afterthought. I wasn’t surprised however as it does say it in their name, Eat Meat.

The Mains were better. If you eat beef then the steaks steal the show, the chicken left much to be desired.

Finally, the standout dishes for us were the starters. The lamb was some of the best we have ever eaten.


Food – 7

Price – 7

Service – 8


If you are looking for good quality meat then Eat Meat is definitely worth trying, the lamb and beef were some of the best that my friend and I have had. Not really one for desserts.


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