Burger Bhais

Burger Bhais

The restaurant was spotless, modern and had a lot of character. You could tell a lot of thought was put into the design and finish of the restaurant. Every ornament, painting and even bottle of sauce had its place and overall worked well.


Kashmiri Pink Chai / £2.75

Fragrant and beautifully pink. This flavourful, milky chai infused with rose, cardamom and more was warming and delicious. Authentically Kashmiri!

Lotus Biscuit Shake / £3.50

Imagine this delicious, distinctive, sweet, crunchy biscuit with the unique caramelised taste blended into a light and creamy shake. Need I say more? This was amazing.

Burger Bhais - Lotus Biscuit

Chicken Tikka Burger / £4.95

Finding flavour in grilled chicken burgers is not always easy. The smoky, tangy tandoori style, tikka chicken breast was mouthwatering! Served in a brioche or sesame bun to your desire, topped with whatever you like. I tried it with grilled mushrooms and jalepeños for an extra kick of spice, and it was delightful a great twist to the ordinary burger by Burger Bhais

Aloo Tiki Burger / £4.50

A fantastic alternative to the average bean burger! Vegetarians rejoice! The potato was cooked perfectly. Crispy on the outside, when you take a bite, you are met with a soft, sweetly spiced burst of flavour. Also served in a brioche or sesame bun to your liking and whatever toppings you feel to add.

Cheese Kebab Dog / £4.50

Grilled seekh kebab in the style of a hot dog. Simple right? The kebab tasted tremendous. It was spiced perfectly, paired with the soft fluffy bun and topped with cheese, grilled onions & imlee sauce. This unique combination blew me away! You have to visit just to try this!

Lahori Burger / £5.50

Chargrilled Spiced Lamb Patty, topped with an onion pakora and accompanied by spiced onion, riata and house-made chilli sauce. This reminded me of my mums cooking, it arguably is one of the best burgers I have ever had. The onion pakora acts like the conventional hash brown, but full of spice and flavour. You wouldn’t be disappointed just having that alone! The taste was out of this world; traditional spices and flavour combinations only served differently.


Overall this was one of the best meals I have had, and the price for the portions you get was unbelievable! If you live near Cheetham Hill or want to try something a little different, you will not be disappointed if you visited Burger Bhais.


Food 9

Price 9

Service 10


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