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You don’t need to venture into the city centre to find burgers in Manchester. Look no further than Gourmet Burger Inc, situated in the heart of Didsbury.

The open brick walls and turquoise blue diner seating are authentic and create a rustic feel to the place but what stands out are the hand-painted murals. The eye-catching wall art adds character and gives the brand a personality.

You’ll be spoilt for choice when opening the menu. Beef, chicken, veggie or vegan, there’s something for everyone. They come on their own, with fries and soda, or as the ultimate meal deal which offers fries and shake or juice. Trying to decide on a milkshake flavour is understandably a tricky one as they all sound so good, but the Reeses peanut butter flavour won my vote.

Most importantly, it’s time to talk about the burgers.

The 'Dope' Burger

The ‘Dope’ burger stood out to me mainly because of the Focaccia bun, something I’d never seen or tried before. This innovative decision gave an Italian twist to what would be classed a typical American burger. The sweetness of the onion ring against the caramelised onions, gherkins and stack of cheese complimented the soft, tomato and herb bread.

If you think you like it hot but in reality end up removing all the chillies from your dish, the ‘Diablo’ is for you. The Jalapeños add the heat but is paired with mild chipotle sauce to bring it down a notch and doesn’t leave you reaching for your drink between bites. The menu rightly describes the onions, tomatoes and curly lettuce to crown the burger giving you that fresh, crisp taste.

'Diablo' Burger

The pretzel bun of the ‘Diablo’ and many other burgers is an upgrade of the classic brioche. It doesn’t allow for sogginess and won’t go sloppy as you eat it, which means perfect for delivery. Yes, they deliver!

The 6oz beef patties are cooked medium and rich with flavour, meaning they’re lean but juicy. I can only talk for the beef burgers for now, but a grilled chicken burger is next on my list to try. I’ve recently been enjoying veggie and vegan options from a menu and what Gourmet Burger Inc offer sounds fantastic.

The major thing to take away from this review is that these sturdy gourmet burgers stay together as you take your bite. Revolutionary. No need for cutlery and you don’t end up with a messy heap on your plate. Proper stuff.

Thank you Gourmet Burger Inc, I’ll be back


Service 9/10

Price 8/10

Food 9/10


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