Wolf at the Door


We were kindly invited to dine at Wolf At The Door located in the Northern Quarter, Manchester.

Wolf At The Door is a relatively small yet cosy bar that is a good place for both couples and larger groups as the tables aren’t too close together and intrusive if you are a couple however there are larger and more open seating areas that groups had taken to. The atmosphere was very lively – especially considering it was a Thursday – and the music was fun and inviting.

We had viewed the menu online before coming here, and it wasn’t the same as what is on offer inside. However, we were pleasantly surprised. Unsure of the portion sizes, we ordered a range of dishes that sounded appealing to us. The menu offers a wide variety of food all very original.

Loaded Fries, £3.50

The loaded fries were the first dish to arrive at the table, and everything about them was amazing. The fries were covered in a lightly spiced sauce, cheese, red onions and broken up nachos and the picture doesn’t do them justice! I would definitely order these again.

Tony’s Jerk Chicken Tacos, £4

We ordered two portions of these as they are quite small (around two/three bites per taco). They looked amazing on arrival, and I was very excited to try these; though, they were not to our taste whatsoever. For us, the flavours didn’t compliment each other, and I would not order these again; however, this didn’t take away from the fantastic time we had here.

A good drinks selection is always so important when choosing somewhere to eat or spend a few hours. I would definitely recommend this place for that! Wolf At The Door offers a wide range of lagers and even displays them in an interesting way that adds to the hipster and indie vibe that the Northern Quarter is all about.

Bacon cheese Bao-ger, £3 (bottom left), Char Sui Pork, £2 (centre back), fries £2.50

These very original dishes were unlike anything I’ve ever tasted. I have never tried one of the Chinese inspired Bao buns previous to this but these steamed buns added something completely new and exciting to the meal. Presented as a burger, the flavour of the bao bun complimented the contents of it so well on both of these dishes.

We did share all of these dishes between the two of us however we severely underestimated the value for money and ordered way more than we could eat – but if I could go back and finish it now, I definitely would.

Pina Colada Prawn, £4.80

We ordered these pina colada prawn bao-gers after re-reading over the menu while waiting for our food to come so we ate too much beforehand to appreciate this dish fully. The prawns were cooked perfectly to my liking and the pieces of chilli added to garnish the dish also complimented the flavour of the prawns. Even though this dish tasted very nice, I found the textures very similar, which made it quite challenging to finish it, but I would probably give it a second go.

Overall, Wolf At The Door is a cool and fun place to be with amazing food, drinks and service. I will definitely be giving this place another visit.


Food – 7

Price – 9

Service – 7


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