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Located on the busy Oxford Road, Wok Noodle Box is a small little takeout. It’s perfect if you’re looking for a quick lunch or after work noodle fix. Wok it like it’s hot… The interior is pleasant but small with some very cool artwork on its walls. The service isn’t the best, but it’s a small and busy takeaway with lots of deliveries so we weren’t expecting amazing service anyway. On their menu, they have a few burgers, some set boxes of noodles and some sides to choose from. They also have the option to make your own box of noodles where you pick the noodles, sauce, meat and veg. We tried two of the set boxes: Wok The Fck and the Black Bean box.

Wok The Fck Box: Beef, chicken, peppers, onions, carrots, curly fries and udon noodles with Sichuan sauce

We absolutely loved this set box because it was packed full of flavour and sauce, so each mouthful was delicious. Whoever thought of adding curly fries to the box was a genius because the curly fries soaked up the Sichuan sauce and took the box to a whole new level. Soggy curly fries, thick udon noodles and crunchy peppers and onions all soaking the Sichuan sauce… definitely a woktasic moment. Sichuan sauce is our favourite sauce for noodles, and it tasted amazing with both the beef and the chicken.

Black Bean Box: Udon noodles, beef, broccoli and black bean sauce

This box was the complete opposite of the one above. This box was very light and wasn’t packing as much flavour. You couldn’t really taste the black bean sauce and the beef was slightly chewy but overall with the broccoli, it was still decent.


Food – 7/10

Price – 8/10

Service – 6/10


I would recommend Wok Noodle Box if you’re craving noodles and want a takeout. The noodles are delicious and very good value for money because of how big the portion size is.


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