Best Burgers In Manchester!

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Burgers are loved all over the world and for a good reason. They are filling, delicious and very customisable. We here at Just Food Manchester love burgers, so we thought we would compile a list of our favourites when it comes to the best burgers. We know people like all kinds of things on their burgers. Beef, chicken and vegan options are very popular. For this list, however, we are sticking to choosing from the best beef options. That doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate a good chicken burger. We just thought that deserves a list of its own, as there are many great options for chicken, it would only be fair to give chicken burgers their separate list. Without further delay, these are our picks for some of the best burgers in Manchester. They aren’t in any specific order as they are all brilliant places, so if you are deciding on what restaurant to get your beef burger from, all of these places will be excellent choices, in our humble opinion!

Burger Street

Our first choice for the best burgers in Manchester is Burger Street! We have recently stumbled upon Burger Street, and we are so happy we did. Burger street is a classic burger joint that makes some fantastic looking burgers. Each of their burgers features at least two smashed patties seasoned in their secret seasoning laying in a bed of fresh lettuce and other vegetables with the ability to add cheese and other extras. Burger Street have a few options on its menus, such as the Angus classic, prime lamb, chicken mince and spicy sweet potato although, we are focusing on their Angus classic beef burger. You can add extras to these to take it to the next level. These extras are doubling up on the meat or cheese, adding turkey bacon, adding a fried egg or adding veg like mushrooms or grilled peppers. With options like that, you won’t be disappointed. The beauty of a burger is there are so many things you can add to it to make it your own, so we appreciate Burger Streets list of optional extras, and it is well worth the price.

Burger Lab

Next, we move on to our second choice! Our second choice for the best burgers in Manchester is Burger Lab. Burger Lab is a fantastic example of what you want in a burger place. With a wealth of options on their menu that you can order with some satisfying sides. In August, they invited us to try their burgers, and we were so happy to have been invited because it is one of the best burger places we have tried. When we went, we tried both their ‘Cheese Chemistry’ and ‘Spicy Biology’, which did not disappoint. If you are a cheese lover (who isn’t?), then this burger is for you! Between the brioche bun of the Cheese Chemistry comes two smash patties, caramelised onions, pickles, lettuce, signature lab sauce, overloaded with their melting cheese sauce. Once you pick up this burger, you can’t put it down. This place is the ultimate cheat night comfort meal. We highly recommend going and trying them if you haven’t already! You can find them in a small unit in Ardwick, where you can pick up or order via Deliveroo or Ubereats, so you don’t even have to leave the house!

That Burger Place

Finally, our last choice for the best burgers in Manchester is That Burger Place. They are an award-winning smash burger joint here in Manchester. They sell a wide range of beef burgers ranging from a classic hamburger, Plain double beef, diced onion, pickles, ketchup and mustard. Served on a sesame seeded brioche bun & cooked medium to something a little more unique. If you are a fan of the YouTube channel Rate My Takeaway, you might remember this place. They have a different take on a beef burger called The Homer. The Homer is triple beef, American Cheese, maple bacon, maple sauce, all sandwiched between two original glazed doughnuts. It is a unique experience, with the sweetness of the glazed doughnut meshing with the savoury flavours of the beef and the bacon. If you are looking for a burger that isn’t as out there as The Homer, we’d recommend their award-winning New Yorker burger. It’s a double beef burger with American cheese, diced onion, shredded lettuce, pickles, tomato, ketchup, mustard and their secret burger sauce. It’s all served on a sesame seeded brioche bun and cooked medium. With the burgers coming out of That Burger Place, you’ll be coming away satisfied.

What do you think about our choices? Have you had food from any of the places on our list? If you have, please get in contact with us and tell us how your experience was. We know that there are tons of burger places in Manchester, and because of this, there are loads of places we will have missed off this list. If you have a place on your mind that sell tasty burgers that you think deserve to be recognised, shoot us a message and let us know. We will either feature your suggestions on our Instagram page or make another list full of your picks, so please get in touch!

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