Best Vegan Restaurants In Manchester

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Best Vegan Restaurants In Manchester

The best vegan, plant-based restaurants are becoming a lot more popular. As people change their diet, whether for moral or health reasons or just because they enjoy that type of food, food vendors have popped up to capitalise on this change. Because of this, there are loads of options to choose from in Manchester for plant-based restaurants. We know you don’t want to waste time looking through all the reviews of all the places Manchester has to offer. So we decided to compose a shortlist of our three choices for the best plant-based restaurants. These places have a great range of options and food that looks fantastic!

Wholesome Junkies

Our first choice is Wholesome Junkies as this is amongst the best vegan restaurants in Manchester . Wholesome Junkies specialise in vegan junk food. They have a fantastic menu full of junk food that is vegan friendly, making sure you can indulge even whilst being vegan. Everyone can enjoy this food whether they are vegan or not. Check out their Instagram. They have some great pictures, and you wouldn’t guess that all the food on there is vegan. It looks amazing! They have loads of options, and they all look great, but if we had to recommend some items, our first choice would be the truffle corndog. 100% plant-based and made from sunflower seeds that go through a natural smoke process surrounded by crispy panko crumb topped with truffle mayo, caramelised onion chutney, crispy shallots, parmesan and parsley. We are also a big fan of their salt and pepper chicken burger, which features crispy seaweed, spicy mayo, sriracha, crispy shallots, all bundled onto a toasted brioche bun. With many options for vegan food lovers, Wholesome Junkies is a brilliant restaurant.


Our second pick V-Rev. V-Rev is a vegan dinner dedicated to making some fantastic food whilst sticking to some simple rules. They don’t buy products made using materials like leather, silk and wool. They don’t sell food that has meat, dairy, eggs and honey. They look up E numbers in their food to see if they contain hidden animal products. They also aim to reduce their carbon footprint by recycling as much as they can. They have a menu bursting with options, all of which is 100% vegan. They have items like their Burrito Ora, a Cheezburger burrito stuffed with ground beef, melted cheez, seasoned fries, house sauce, lettuce, salsa and pickles in a grilled tortilla. The Barbecute Without The E burger, a Beyond Meat smash patty, smoked gouda, baecon, onion rings, BBQ sauce, ranch, pickles, fried onion in a toasted brioche bun. With options like these, it’s tough to say no. If you are looking for tasty vegan food from a restaurant that cares about what goes into their food, then V-Rev is a spot you should consider!

Vertigo Plant-Based Eatery

Our final pick is Vertigo. Vertigo is a plant-based eatery restaurant with a sit-in set up like many others, but if you are in a rush and can’t stick around for their dine-in experience, they offer a grab and go section. The grabs and go offers plant-based sandwiches and vegan snacks as well as drinks for you to buy. So you can have something tasty and vegan for your lunch from Vertigo. But if you do have the time to stay for the sit-in experience, you are in for a treat. Vertigo makes some fantastic food with options to cover breakfast, lunch and dinner. They have options like their breakfast bagel, featuring juicy plant-based sausages with guacamole, tomato chutney and spinach. Or their Beetroot Hummus and soldiers. Vertigo has a few restaurants around Manchester, so you won’t be far from picking up some great plant-based food. They have a varied menu so there will be an option for you.


Those are our picks for the best vegan restaurants in Manchester. What do you think of our choices? Have you been to any of them? We think you should try these places when you are next on the lookout for that perfect plant-based meal. If you have a place in mind that you think deserves to be on this list, please get in touch on social media to tell us!

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