Best Sides In Manchester!

Fat hippo Dirty fries

Everyone loves a good meal, and usually the main focus no pun intended, is the main course. But we feel like we need to shine a light on the supporting act of Manchesters main courses. That’s right, we are talking about the best sides, foods like fries, onion rings, salads. The food that you eat in between trying to savour the main event. There are many places here in Manchester that do some fantastic sides, sides that in some cases, almost outshine the dish it is playing sidekick for. We are sticking to the usual formula of our top three. However, it has got to be said, this is definitely not enough to encompass all the best sides in Manchester. There is definitely scope for another list featuring sides, as there are many great sides in the city. The vast majority of restaurants in the city, or even the country offer some form of side dish. So apologies if we have missed your favourite off the list.

Fat Hippo

Our first choice amongst this list of the best sides in Manchester is Fat Hippo. Whilst you might know them for their big juicy burgers, they do fantastic sides. They have a great list of options, making sure no matter your dietary restrictions, you have access to a brilliant choice to go with your main course. Like many restaurants in Manchester, Fat Hippo offer standard fries, as well as plain hand-cut chips. That is already a huge bonus as most places only offer one or the other. As well as that, they also offer sweet potato fries for those of you wanting a different taste. Waffle fries also are offered, something many people have still not tried, but a great mix up to the formula of fried potato products. Now, this is where we get into the more advanced sides. If you pay a bit extra, you can take any of those fries and dump a generous helping of bacon bits and Fat Hippo sauce. Or, if you don’t eat meat, you can go for the vegan option, which allows you to add facon instead of bacon. These dirty fries are so tasty, completing any meal they are a part of. We aren’t stopping there. They also offer great onion rings as well as two types of slaw. For the salad seekers, they also offer salads. Their wedge salad offers iceberg lettuce with ranch, bacon bits and parmesan, with there being a vegan option which has vegan mayo, fakon bits and cajun seasoning. Now you can see why Fat Hippo deserve a spot on our list.

Cane & Grain

After a list like that coming out of Fat Hippo, it will seem like our other options aren’t as populated menu wise. But don’t worry, whilst there might not be as many options on the next to choices, the choices that they do have are tasty and the perfect thing to go with your meal otherwise why else would it be on this list for the best sides in Manchester! Our second choice has got to be Cane and Grain. If you follow our Instagram @JustFoodManchester, which I highly recommend you do, you will have seen a few posts featuring some of Cane And Grains sides before. Whilst they don’t have too many options, the ones they do have are definitely going to leave you satisfied. Like with any good food place, they have their standard fries, but unlike many restaurants, the fries here get seasoned with the perfect amount of tiki salt. As well as that, they offer Padron peppers grilled over a flame and tossed in extra virgin olive oil and flaky sea salt. Corn on the cob, flame-grilled and seasoned with cajun. Collard greens, leafy greens tossed in garlic and chilli butter. Classic mac and cheese, macaroni in their creamy cheese sauce topped with grated Parmigiano. Their own house slaw, sliced veg in lime and spice dressing. Finally, they have Truffle Poutine, which is definitely our go-to pick for a side at Cane And Grain. Fries topped with grated cheese and cheese sauce served with bourbon gravy on the side. If that isn’t making you want to rush out to get a meal, to get a side here, then I don’t know what will!

Almost Famous

Our final pick is Almost Famous like Fat Hippo, is famous for their burgers but have some of the best sides to go with their burgers. Unlike Fat Hippo, Almost Famous doesn’t quite have a range of options. However, you won’t be complaining as the options they do stock is so good, you’ll forget the number of choices. They have four options when it comes to fries on the side. Their first is their Winning Fries, a mix of skin-on and sweet potato fries. Simple yet tasty. They then move on to something a little more substantial. Bacon Bacon fries, their winning fries combined with bacon bacon mayo and what they call bacon rain, the classic bacon bits rained over the top of the fries. Their Pig and waffle fries are up next. Waffle fries topped with slow-cooked pork, jalapeno, red onion, redneck BBQ and bleu cheese sauce. Their final option is our favourite, they call it their Phoenix Fries. These fries feature bacon rain, JD maple glaze, shoestring onions, frazzle dust, chillies, bacon mayo and redneck BBQ. Now they sound like some amazing loaded fries.


Those are our three picks for best sides in Manchester, now we know that this only touches the surface of sides in Manchester. So if you have any picks for restaurants that do fantastic sides in Manchester, shoot us a message on Instagram. If we get enough of your suggestions, we’ll do another list featuring them.

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