Best Places For A Mates Date!

Rice MCR Japanese example box

Going out to eat is a great activity to do with other people. Good food and good people is a great combination. There are a lot of great places in Manchester that serve options designed for a couple of mates to take it on. We are here to give you a list of the best places for a mates date that will give you and two or more a great meal to share.

Brewski Chorlton

Our first choice is Brewski Chorlton. They make platters called Mates Dates. They’re sharing meals that are perfect for you and a friend, or possible two friends if it is too much for the two of you. They range from £45 to £55 depending on which one you chose. Our favourite one is called the Og. In this mega meal, you get two double cheeseburgers, two lamb birria burritos, two fried chicken burritos, buffalo fried chicken tenders and finally skin-on fries with chipotle sour cream. That sounds like a fantastic meal! There is also a cheese mate date, In that massive meal, you can find. Garlic knots, nduja butter cheesy garlic knots, deep-fried lasagna bites with hot honey, aubergine parm, meatball parm, fried chicken with nduja butter and chive ranch, goats cheese bonbons, sweet chilli and buffalo tots, chive ranch and hot honey tots, deep-fried calzone with marinara. This has to be one of the best places for a mates date!

Bando Boxes

Our second choice is Bando Boxes. Bando Boxes make some of the best food boxes around! They have a fantastic selection of food boxes to choose including their king crab box, which features Alaskan king crab, corn and two sides of your choice. Or their boneless box, which features their handspun chicken tenders in a sauce of your choice! We’d recommend their seafood platter box. For seafood fans, it should be your choice. It has lobster, salmon, seabass, calamari and prawns. Each of their boxes has enough food for you and a friend, maybe even more, to enjoy!

Rice MCR

Our final choice is Rice MCR. Rice are responsible for fantastic looking food. Rice have a great menu with loads of variety. On this menu, you can find grilled meats, new age street food, noodle dishes. They make classics such as Jamaican jerk chicken, curries, salt and pepper chicken and much more. Their sides are great as well, as they offer wings, spring rolls, steamed boa buns and more! All of that is thrown into a big box that they call The Ricepitality. That holds a massive amount of food, ensuring you and your buddies are all satisfied.


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