Best Desserts In Manchester!

Glazed MCR Dessert collection Box

You can’t beat a good dessert. Whether you are looking for the perfect treat after your meal or just looking for something sweet to get you through the day, there are loads of great options to choose from in Manchester. We know you don’t want to waste time looking through all the reviews of all the places Manchester has to offer. So we decided to compose a shortlist of our three choices for the best desserts in Manchester. These places have a great range of options, so you all should find something from these places that you like when looking for something sweet!

Crumbled UK

Our first choice is Crumbled to have some of the best desserts in Manchester. Crumbled is a dessert place that serves up its take on the classic crumble. Crumbled offers an ever-changing menu, a menu that combines the art of home-baking with a contemporary twist. They like to mix up the flavours with specials such as Prosecco and peach and Rolos with Biscoff whilst giving you the classics such as apple crumble. Crumbled uses 100% fresh British produce to create the core of the desserts served there, each pot gets smothered with custard, which customers can even make unlimited for just £1 extra, so if you love custard, they have you covered.

Glazed MCR

Our second choice is to have some of the best desserts in Manchester is Glazed MCR. Glazed are the First Sourdough doughnut Company in Manchester. They make doughnuts made from a natural yeast that they create. They leave the dough to rise over 20 hours to create light and fluffy doughnuts. They say sourdough is also easier to digest. Doing this means you aren’t going to feel sluggish after your visit to Glazed! They don’t just stick to sourdough doughnuts. They also offer brioche doughnuts. They have a few different options of flavour for these doughnuts that you can find on their website. You can buy boxes of these doughnuts. They offer a mix of both types or a box full of just one type. You can pick your own in these boxes or leave the choice to them.

Just Natas

Our final choice is Just Natas. Just Natas serve pastéis de nata. Pastel de nata is a Portuguese custard tart made with puff pastry, filled with egg custard served with a dusting of powdered sugar and a pinch of cinnamon. Just Natas are the Pastel de nata experts and are Manchesters first dedicated shop solely selling traditional Portuguese tarts. They are located in the heart of the city centre in the Arndale Food Market and offer store pick up and delivery through Deliveroo. You may be thinking that a dessert place with only one option may be disappointing. But we can tell you it’s definitely not. Whilst Natas are all they serve, they do try to spice things up with special Natas. Some of these specials include Natas with chocolate, espresso and sea salt or pear and blackberry crumble. No matter what, you can’t go wrong here, especially if you are a Pastel de nata fan.

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