Restaurants You Need To Try In Manchester!


Manchester is full of restaurants selling many different types of food. Sometimes it can be quite a challenge to choose where you want to go for your meal. Luckily we have been out there trying all of them, so we can report on what we think are the very best in Manchester. Here is our list of a few restaurants that we think you need to try. If we miss out on any restaurants you need to try in Manchester and think they deserve to be on here, don’t fear. There will be more of these lists to come. Make sure to get in contact with us on our social media to tell us what your choices would be!

Chips At No. 8

Our first choice is Chips at No8. Chips at No8 are a magnificent example of what a chippy should be. They serve the perfect looking fish and chips dish with great taste to back up how it looks. They use the very best locally sourced ingredients. The potatoes they are currently using are from a farm east of Leeds, and the cod and haddock they use are scottish and purchased fresh. They make sure to use only the finest & freshest local produce. They fry their food in beef dripping for an edge in the taste but, if you don’t eat beef or meat and don’t want your food in contact with something like beef dripping, they can fry your food in vegetable oil on request, so don’t be afraid to ask. With this chippy, you know you are getting quality food. Chips at No.8 has been named among the best in the UK on Fry Magazine’s Top 50 list which is just one of the reasons we have included this onto our restaurants you need to try in Manchester. Mystery shoppers visit chip shops around the country over several months to judge them and build the list. So you know it is consistent quality food.

Zouk Tea Bar & Grill

Our second choice Zouk Tea Bar. Zouk offers Pakistani and Indian authentic cuisine served in modern surroundings. Zouk has a place where you can indulge in the most delicious food while relaxing with friends and family. They have a fantastic menu with many options, which you can check out on their website. Zouk also offer something special for those of you wanting to get into the food industry or just wanting to learn more about cooking. They offer Cookery School courses as they love to share their passion for great food.

Wholesome Junkies

Our third choice is Wholesome Junkies. Wholesome Junkies specialise in vegan junk food. They have a fantastic menu full of junk food that is vegan friendly, making sure you can indulge even whilst being vegan. Everyone can enjoy this food whether they are vegan or not. Check out their Instagram. They have some great pictures, and you wouldn’t guess that all the food on there is vegan. It looks amazing. Our favourite item of theirs is their truffle corndog. 100% plant-based and made from sunflower seeds that go through a natural smoke process surrounded by crispy panko crumb topped with truffle mayo, caramelised onion chutney, crispy shallots, parmesan and parsley. How good does that sound?

Triple B

To round this list off, our final choice is Triple Bagels. Obviously, with a name like that, you can imagine their bagels must be top-notch. They have a wide range of bagels with their unique blend of filling and taste. To go along with a bagel, they offer some great fries, which you can have plain or mixed with something to give them that boost. They offer a few different mixed fries options. They also have multiple other burgers to choose from on their menu, with their burger patties made from their blend of chuck and brisket, with just the right amount of fat added for flavour. Their buffalo chicken burger is amazing fried buttermilk chicken, American cheese, pickles, Buffalo sauce, ranch dressing, lettuce and onion, all that packed into a brilliant bun. Our favourite bagel of theirs has to be the Reuben Bagel. Hot house-smoked pastrami, grilled swiss cheese, sauerkraut and Russian dressing. Second to none for bagels in Manchester.


Those are our choices for restaurants you need to try when you are next looking for a great bite to eat in Manchester. We have tried to give a little variety, but we know that this won’t cover everyone and everything Manchester has to offer, so you’ll have to come back next time we make a list like this. We are planning on making more of these lists as we have loads of recommendations. See you later!

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