Best Festive Specials In Manchester!


Tomorrow is the first of December, and everyone knows what that means. Everything is ramping up for Christmas. Whilst you might have already seen your first Christmas decorations of the year from the early or had your first festive treat because you couldn’t wait, the first is when anything goes. There is a wide range of Christmas specials coming out this year from all the restaurants in Manchester. Since it’s a busy time of year, and we know you don’t want to spend all your time combing through reviews and options. We thought we would put together a list of all the best festive specials in Manchester this year.

West Ivy - Bury

The West Ivy is doing something very interesting and unique this year. There are many things that spring to mind when thinking about Christmas specials. Special steam bao buns are not exactly the first but that’s the best thing about this special, it’s something different. Their special is a Coca-Cola bbq bao bun. Steamed Bao Buns, filled with Buttermilk chicken pieces dipped in their sticky Coca-cola BBQ sauce, combined with rainbow Asian slaw. I don’t think you have ever had anything quite like this! So this is at the top of this for the best festive specials in Manchester at this time of the year.

Fat Hippo - Deansgate

Our second choice is the Hans Gruber-ger from Fat Hippo. Their Hans Gruber-ger features a Beef patty, pork stuffing patty, American cheese, maple-basted Southern fried turkey, cranberry jello and Christmas ‘slaw, served with Festive Fries. That’s not the only option they are bringing to their customers this festive season. They are also offering the Fairytale Of No Pork, which features a southern fried plant-based patty, deep-fried vegan halloumi, cranberry jello, maple fakon and Christmas ‘slaw, which can also pair with Festive Fries. If you are wondering what these festive fries are, let me enlighten you. THeir festive fries are fantastic dirty cheese and gravy fries, the perfect side to one of their Christmas burgers.

Northern Soul - Northern Quarter

Our last choice is Northern Soul. This year their Christmas special is a real show stopper. Since they are the grilled cheese experts it was only right that they give us a festive grilled cheese. Their Christmas sandwich includes slices of soft turkey crown, homemade stuffing and cranberry sauce, and gravy in between their signature three-cheese blend. It comes topped with a pigs in blanket lollipop that has been dipped in the rich gravy. They’re also doing deep-fried Oreos for those of us with a sweet tooth. Christmas at Northern Soul is looking like a good one!


There are a lot more Christmas specials that haven’t been included here. As things stand, those choices are what we would recommend for a festive meal in Manchester. We might make another list because some restaurants bring their special offerings a bit later than others. If you think we missed a good choice of this list, please let us know through our social media.

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