Restaurants You Need To Try In Manchester!

Pho Cue Sticky ribs

Manchester is full of restaurants selling many different types of food. Sometimes it can be quite a challenge to choose where you want to go for your meal. Luckily we have been out there trying all of them, so we can report on what we think are the very best in Manchester. Here is our list of a few restaurants that we think you need to try. If we miss out on any restaurants you need to try in Manchester and think they deserve to be on here, don’t fear. There will be more of these lists to come. Make sure to get in contact with us on our social media to tell us what your choices would be!

Pho Cue Kitchen

Our first choice is Pho Cue Kitchen. Pho cue makes authentic Vietnamese cuisine. They have a brilliant menu and all their food looks so tasty! They have dishes such as Pho, Bun, Vietnamese spring rolls and much more. You should check out their menu on their website. Our favourite item is their Vietnamese roasted pork taco, also known as Banh Xeo. A traditional Vietnamese savoury pancake with a modern twist. It has chopped tomatoes, beansprout, spring onion and iceberg lettuce, along with our roasted pork. All that is thrown into a wok and then packed into Vietnamese tacos. What a place!


Our second choice is Sababich. Sababich is a small vegetarian/vegan food business based in Manchester City Centre. Their menu takes inspiration from the incredible modern-day Levantine food scene. Featuring stuff like fried aubergines, sabich, green falafel pittas, hummus bowls, halloumi fries and lots of tahini, with much more to come, go and check them out, if that is the kind of food you want to be munching! Our favourite item is their Halloumi fries. Fried halloumi, garlic yoghurt, pomegranate molasses, fresh mint, Aleppo pepper and pomegranate seeds.

Northern Soul

Our third option is Northern Soul. Northern Soul is the UK’s first grilled cheese restaurant. They have a wide range of grilled cheese, with different flavourings and combinations. That includes options such as The Cuban, which consists of pulled pork, Ham hock, Swiss Cheese, Sweet pickles & French’s mustard. Or the Soul Club, grilled chicken, streaky bacon, garlic slice, iceberg, tomato and cajunaise. There are more which you can check out on their menu! As well as their famous grilled cheese, they serve other delights such as chicken wings, mozzarella sticks, crispy chicken tenders and a great selection of fries. Northern Soul also serves alcohol, so you can pick yourself a cider, beer or a spirit to go along with your meal.


Those are our choices for restaurants you need to try when you are next looking for a great bite to eat in Manchester. We have tried to give a little variety, but we know that this won’t cover everyone and everything Manchester has to offer, so you’ll have to come back next time we make a list like this. We are planning on making more of these lists as we have loads of recommendations. See you later!

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