Best Noodles in Manchester

Shoryu Ramen croquette bun

For those moments where you’re craving some noodles and just haven’t a clue where to have them. Here in Manchester, there are so many choices you could choose from. You’re really spoilt for choice. At JustFood Manchester, we’ve decided to make a shortlist of our three choices for the best noodles in Manchester. These places are sure to scratch that itch you have for some good noodles.

Shoryu Ramen

So for our first choice, we have Shoryu Ramen. Shoryu Ramen has an amazing selection of noodles and is absolutely scrumptious with the selection they have available. They have quality authentic ramen which is rarely found outside of Japan. They envelop their ramen with mouth-watering sides. They create such a flavourful and aromatic tonkotsu pork stock which they put their heart into making. Each bowl takes over 12 hours of cooking at constant boil. With such a lovely atmosphere in the restaurant, it makes Shoryu Ramen a must-try for those craving their fix of noodles. This has to show you why it has some of the best noodles in Manchester.


Next up is Chopstix. This Restaurant has many reasons for being on this list but to name a few, their staff are so tight-knit that they could be considered a family and they are such a pleasant bunch to be around. Their food is a delight to taste, jam-packed with Asian flavours to tantalise the taste buds. It’s a perfect treat for those long days that just drag on, it just helps you step away for a moment and relax. They serve all customers in under a minute! Their main reason being that they keep their recipes neat and simple but just as tasty whilst the food they prepare and serve is also available for you to choose from not just any set recipes.


Finally in this list of 3 is Tampopo, If you want a range from the streets of East Asia – Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan all these wonderful places. Then this is the place to be for your widest selection of east Asian food, let yourself be adventurous and try something new here. It is sure to surprise you with the journey this food can take you on. You’d almost be convinced you were right there in the heart of East Asia. The food they serve has been shaped by the journeys they have taken across the region as they explore and find more dishes to bring back for all to enjoy. This is an absolute must-try. I cannot express how wonderful it is to try all the food they have in store.


We found that it was hard to pick only 3 since there are so many good restaurants with such aromatic and tongue-tingling selections but these are just 3 of the many that we recommend for you to try on your journey through to find the best noodles in Manchester. We tried to show that although it may be the same food, there are many different varieties to choose from and not every restaurant has the variety so you never know what you will like before you enter and try for yourself.

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