The Butcher Burger Review

The Butcher Burger

This month we were lucky enough to be invited to The Butcher’s Manchester opening night.

The service we received this night was first class with team members happy to help with any questions I had and ensured the whole night went smoothly. They were especially helpful when it came to ensuring I received my gluten-free burger and it wasn’t lost in the crowd of burgers! 

Free champagne and beers were available throughout the whole evening and the team ensured no one was left without an empty glass! They also offered a variety of soft drinks and milkshakes which looked delicious. 

I thought the gift bags were a great idea and seemed to be a crowd-pleaser as they included The Butcher’s hat and t-shirt as well as free tokens to us at the Putter and The Cube in the Urban Playground, which you can use at any time up until December!

The DJ created a great atmosphere with current and throwback songs that everyone would know.

The Crazy Chicken


The first burger we tried was the Crazy Chicken served with a side of fries. This burger had an amazing taste and was put together really well. The chicken was a good level of crispy, not overdone or too soft. The onion, tomato and lettuce were a great addition to the burger as they gave it a fresh crunch and the addition of mayo complimented the burger nicely. Overall it was a great burger. The fries were a good thickness and cooked well. I am a salty fries fan so these were definitely up my street.

The Butcher Burger (Gluten-Free)

The second burger we tried was the GF Butcher Burger. This burger had to be made on special request to ensure there was no cross-contamination during the preparation or serving stages, which I really appreciated. The kitchen area is also open for the public to see, it was fun to see how a busy kitchen runs. The beef burger was well cooked and had a great taste in combination with The Butcher’s sauce. The lettuce, tomato and onion were again really fresh and gave a good crunch to the burger. The gluten-free bun was soft and fluffy and tasted very similar to normal bread barns which I loved.

Urban Playground

The Urban Playground is a great location to visit where you can spend a fun evening. On the left-hand side, you have The Cube which was really fun to play and what you imagine the game show to be like. The Putters was a fun crazy golf course designed with a circus theme. This would be a great group activity to try.


Overall it was a really enjoyable evening where we got to enjoy tasty food, lots of champagne and fun activities. I will definitely be returning here for more fun evenings.



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