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Dutch Mini Pancake House

Soooo, the time has come!! WINTER is here and so are the Manchester CHRISTMAS Markets!

Its official – get your gloves, hats and scarves on for this cold, but festive season and pop down to the Manchester Christmas Markets soon.

Today, I am going to be presenting to you food stalls that you need to try at the Christmas markets when you next visit, so that you can live out your best experience with the best foods.

It is essential to warm your stomach up with a homely dish while on the go, and here there are floods of the most amazing food stands. Do not second guess yourself, as now they are open and there isn’t that much longer until they close again for the year – there will be queues for this amazing food, and you do not want to miss out on the opportunity!

Here are our top recommendations yet!

Dutch Mini Pancake House

This wonderful Dutch Pancake House is perfect for those craving a sweet dessert! These mini pancakes are flawless and can be eaten with a tasty sauce from your choice, drizzled on top – why wouldn’t you go for this, there is nothing more amazing than a sweet treat this festive season. And on top of that, they also offer Dutch sugar waffles which are also a great option! This is definitely one of my favourite food stalls when I visit the markets.

Candy's Cupcake's - Corn Exchange

Candy’s Cupcakes specialises in the most delicious cupcakes, cakes-in-a-jar, brownies, and donuts – with a range of vegan and vegetarian options. This cupcake stall is absolutely amazing, they also offer brownie boxes for you and your family to indulge on. They also have a website in which you can make orders through if you are not looking to visit them physically but still want a try of their delicacy. They have a brilliant selection of treats and offer personalised/branded logo cupcakes, whole cakes, cake in a box and treat boxes, don’t forget to have a look when you visit the markets this time around!

The Crusty Pie Company - Corn Exchange

Got a tendency to crave pies on the go? The Crusty Pie Company is here for all to feast on – they sell a variety of individual pies, sausage rolls, pork pies, pork pies with added fillings, pasties, chutneys, scotch eggs and more! The pies displayed above are perfect for those pie-lovers who appreciate the flavours and love put into this selection. The savoury pie company is brilliant for providing us with gourmet options! While also offering sweet treats including cakes, brownies, flapjacks, and an apple + cinnamon turnover, perfect for those who aren’t a big fan of savoury treats. Manchester Markets have a huge variety of foods here that all cater to your taste buds and your cravings ;)).

Yard and Coop - St Ann's Square

The Yard and Coop is a buttermilk fried chicken eatery – served as burgers and goujons with fries and mouth-watering sauces, they also serve chicken in a cone paired with their amazing creamy mac & cheese, and chicken trays served with various toppings. Nothing could be more amazing than a chicken stall – we know just how popular chicken shops are these days, and Yard & Coop is perfect for those who want to find the next best chicken place! Better yet, they offer a vegan option – perfect for those who struggle to find vegan options while out at the markets! Their vegan pulled chicken drenched in the known favourite, Dr Pepper BBQ sauce, sounds like an absolute game changer!

Bellapaella - St Ann's Square

This Spanish paella stand offers the most authentic Spanish flavours! With them being a family run stall – they provide us, and they pride themselves on having the traditional touch straight from Spain, amazing. Bellapaella has options between chicken, pork or chorizo paella and it is the tastiest dish yet! This stand is for those lovers of different cuisines and who love to try new dishes! Don’t think twice about it, authentic Spanish food is up there in our top 10 from the Manchester Christmas Markets.

Overall, the excitement brewing for this year’s Christmas Markets is unbeatable! 

I am really excited to have a visit to the markets myself and 100% will be trying The Yard and Coop, it looks too good! 

Which stall is catching your eye, and which is your all-time favourite stall?

Finally, to remind you, the Manchester markets are now open, so don’t forget to pop down to try some of these amazing dishes this festive season!

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